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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Government and Society: Demand for a change

Government and Society: Demand for a change
Today my country has a very bad condition.  No one knows what will be tomorrow but we have a sense of understanding, which must be rooted within us to create a corruption free environment. Everyone is worried about their interests, Absence of such spirit, is our single biggest obstacle for sustainable development.
Just a few days ago, some good issues (corruption) come out in society by a noble gentleman. About what it would be unfair to say he was a self-contained or not. However the best part was the consensus & support of society to his ideas. The government and society that had a conflict, so it’s very easy to see how long distances have been arises among them. Perhaps Demand of society has not gone down by the Government of India.
Now day’s debate has been started (among government and society: Annawad). In our country conflict between each other for religion, caste etc has made as a crucial and historical demerit. Is really we (Indian) recognize for that? So it’s not better that we should think about a fruitful tomorrow.
If we say that domestic war has begun in some countries like as Libya and Pakistan. It’s no any exaggeration to say it's always common in India between society & government. The good thing is that we have to enjoy life like burdensome in such environment.
This is all the things that distract us from our goals. Thus we have seen that we are moving a round table to each other without any fruitful result. Some changes must require for sustainable development. So prepare yourself to be so and will have to work with unity and integrity for a change against corruption. Our future demanding from us for a change!
Narendra Patel
New Delhi

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